Components of Football Fitness

The broad category of fitness, and especially football fitness, can be broken down into more specific factors, which combine to determine the overall fitness level of an individual and their ability to perform effectively.

Cardiovascular Endurance: Due to the nature of movement in football it is crucial that footballers have good aerobic systems so that they are able to continue working at the desired level for the entirety of the match. Read on

Mobility: The main aim of a flexibility training programme is to gradually encourage greater relaxation of the muscle fibres and also lengthen the connective tissues. Read on

Muscular Strength and Endurance: When referring to muscles the most general definition for the term strength is that it is the ability for the muscle to apply force. Read on


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Soccer fitness underpins everything else that a player can achieve within their performance. If they do not have the fitness levels to 'keep up with the game' or complete the tasks that their mind asks of them, then they will never reach their full potential. Therefore fitness is important but specific soccer fitness is crucial.



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