Phase 1
  1. Lay down on back and extend one leg in the air.
  2. Ankle should be dorsiflexed so the toes are pointing towards the floor.
  3. Partner places one knee on the floor for support and kneel behind the leg being stretched.
  4. Apply pressure near the ankle and back/side of the knee, but ensure the knee is not hyperextending as injury can occur.
  5. Stop pushing when sufficient pressure is felt in the hamstrings, and hold.
Phase 2
  1. Exerciser keeps leg straight but pushes against their partner as if trying to lay their leg on the floor.
  2. Partner tenses arms to withstand pressure of leg.
Phase 3
  1. Repeat phase 1 but push further so the angle between the leg and the body decreases.
Hamstrings - Start Hamstrings - Middle Hamstrings - End
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