4 v 4 + 1 Defend When Outnumbered - Football Session

Defending Soccer Drill 

Session to improve a player’s ability to defend in order to delay an opponent progressing in a match situation.

Required Equipment
Equpiment - Football Equipment - Bibs Equipment - Cones Equipment - Goals
x Good Supply x 2 Sets x Good Supply x 2
Area Additional Equipment
Pitch Area X = 40 Yards
Y = 40 Yards
Additional Info None
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Key Factors for this Football Session
  1. Responsibilities
  2. Technical Aspects of Defending
  3. Readjustment
  4. Communication
Starting Position

A ball forward for the wide player to run onto is intercepted by the defender, play then becomes live.

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Coaching Points during this Football Session
  1. Responsibilites - What role does each defender play? When do they adopt this role? How do they approach their player?
    1. Pressuring Defender - The closest one to the player in possession. Applies pressure to the ball (stop, slow and show).
    2. Supporting Defender - The defender closest to the pressuring player. Supports the pressuring defender.
    3. Covering Defender - The final defender. Offers cover to the other 2 and balance to the defence.
  2. Technique - Each defender will have to consider their approach (when, how quick, how tight), their body shape (bias to which side - which side; inside or outside, knees bent, weight forward) and how they are assisting their colleagues (distance, angle, body shape)
  3. Readjustment - When the ball is played the roles of the defenders will change and they must embrace their new responsibilities as quickly as possible. This includes recovery runs to get back into a goal side position.
  4. Communication - Instruction to their teammates, such as 'go tight', 'patience', 'show inside / outside' or 'tackle'.
Additional Points for this Football Session
  • Patience - Defenders should not over commit to challeneges they cannot win.
  • Feint to Tackle - In order to keep the attackers attention on the ball and not on what is happening around them
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