Defending: 1 v 2 - Soccer Drill

Defending Soccer Drill

Essential that player's learn how to defend while outnumbered.

Required Equipment
Equpiment - Football Equipment - Bibs Equipment - Cones Equipment - Goals
x 1 per 3 Players x 1 x Good Supply None
Area Additional Equipment
Pitch Area X = 10 Yards
Y = 10 Yards
Additional Info None
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Defending: 1 v 2
Key Factors for this Soccer Drill
  1. Approach
  2. Body Shape
  3. Patience
  4. Feint to Tackle
Starting Position

Red Player begins at one line of the grid, with the ball. The attackers Blue Player1 and Blue Player2 begin on the opposite line.

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Red Player passes to Blue Player1 and then shuts them down. Blue Player1 and Blue Player2 must collectively get the ball past the far line.

Coaching Points during this Soccer Drill
  1. Approach - Curved and as quick as possible, ensuring they decelerate as they approach the attacker.
  2. Body Shape - Side on, knees bent, weight forward and bias to one side.
  3. Patience - Do not challenge unless they are certain they can win the ball.
  4. Feint to Tackle - Keep the attackers attention on the ball
Additional Points for this Soccer Drill

The defender should try and seperate the 2 attackers so that they cannot pass to each other or at least retain a barrier between the attackers and the line. 

Players change roles and responsibilities after a couple of turns in each role.

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