Defending from Crosses - Football Session

Defending Soccer Drill 

This session is designed to help the defence and goalkeeper understand their roles and responsibilities when the ball is delivered into the area.

Required Equipment
Equpiment - Football Equipment - Bibs Equipment - Cones Equipment - Goals
x Good Supply x 2 Sets x Good Supply x 1
Area Additional Equipment
Pitch Area X = 30 yards
Y = Full Width of Pitch
Additional Info Pitch Markings
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Def from Crosses
Key Factors for this Football Session


  1. Starting Position
  2. Assessment
  3. Decision
  4. Communication
  5. Technique


  1. Holding line
  2. Body Shape
  3. Positive Attitude
  4. Technique
  5. Protection
  6. Second Ball
  7. Re-Organise
Starting Position

Ball is played from a central attacker to the wide midfielder.

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Organisation for this Football Session 

Once the ball is played out wide all players become active, it is then up to the wide payer when they will cross. They can either move the ball further down the pitch or deliver an early cross.

Coaching Points during this Football Session


  1. Starting Position - Deter early shot and once clear shot will not happen, move slightly back of centre. Distance from goal line is based on angle of crosser.
  2. Assessment - Assisted by an open body shape so that they can see the attackers and defenders. Assess their positions and the flight of the ball.
  3. Decision - Stay or collect. If coming for the ball what technique is required (W, Bucket, Ground based ones or will they have to deflect the ball away)
  4. Communication - Clear, concise and early
  5. Technique - The execution of the chosen technique should be correct. They should also employ the correct technique for the situation.


  1. Holding line - Not too far upfield to encourage a ball in between them and the goalkeeper but not too close to the goalkeeper to encroach on them or encourage the attack onto them.
  2. Body Shape - Open to see both their attacker and the ball. Goalside and where possible ball side.
  3. Positive Attitude - When the ball is approaching they should nto wait for it but instead attack the ball. If they wait the attacker may beat them to it.
  4. Technique - Ensure the correct technique is employed for the situation and that it is executed as desired. 
  5. Protection - If the goalkeeper comes for the ball then the defenders must try to (legally) prevent the attackers from jumping into them and also get onto the goal line to prevent any chances that may arise from a mistake.
  6. Second Ball - Defenders should be prepared to challenge for or obtain the second ball, should it not be collected, retained or cleared at the first attempt.
  7. Re-Organise - Regain shape and positions once the danger is over.


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